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Читайте SDK Release Notes чтобы узнать информацию о текущем релизе СДК.

Зайдите на VERC Collective за последней информацией касающейся картостроительства.

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При обращении за помощью на форум полезно указать:

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Как восстановить Source SDK Game Configuration?

Сведения о конфигурации находяться в файле gamecfg.ini. Если у Вас возникли проблемы с конвигом СДК, воспользуйтесь приведенными ниже инструкциями.

Если Вы НЕ имеете модов созданных с помощью мастера "Create A Mod":

1.       Закройте SDK Steam application.

2.       Удалите свой gamecfg.ini из папки "../SteamApps/<username>/sourcesdk/bin" .

3.       Перезапустите the SDK Steam application.

Если Вы имеете мод созданный с помощью мастера "Create A Mod":

Обратите внимание: Этот шаг необходим, только если Вы желаете сохранить конфигурации игры для мода, который Вы создали.

1.       Закройте SDK Steam application.

2.       Откройте gamecfg.ini из папки "../SteamApps/<username>/sourcesdk/bin" .

3.       Прочитайте номер блока конфигурации INI файла.  Блок конфигурации начинается с"[GameConfigX]" где "X" это номер.

4.       Сверху у gamecfg.ini, есть номер "NumConfigs".  Set this number to the number of configurations counted in the file.

Note: If you do NOT have a "[GameConfig0]" token in your gamecfg.ini, add one to the number in this step. Failure to do so will result in one game configuration being absent from the list.

5.       Сохраните файл и перезапустите SDK Steam application.


Мое меню конфигураций в Hammer и SDK пусто.

Some users are experiencing a problem where they are unable to select a game configuration in Hammer or from the SDK launcher application because there are no entries to choose from.  To correct this problem follow the procedure to reset the Source SDK Game Configuration.


How do I re-install the entire Source SDK installation?

If all else fails, it may be necessary to re-install the SDK. However, doing so will also remove any maps, models, or other content you may have created. It is advisable that you make a copy of your entire "..\SteamApps\username\sourcesdk" directory before following this procedure. After you've reinstalled the SDK, you can restore your content into the proper directories from this backup.

Note: Your gamecfg.ini file will be lost in this process, meaning any game configurations for MODs you have created will be lost as well. If you wish to retain these configurations, please backup the gamecfg.ini and follow the instructions in the "Problem: My game configurations menu In Hammer and the SDK application is empty" section of this document.

1.       Shutdown Steam by choosing Exit from the Steam task bar icon menu.

2.       Delete the "..\SteamApps\username\sourcesdk" directory, where the SDK resides.

3.       Delete the sourcesdk.gcf file from the "SteamApps" directory

4.       Restart Steam and launch the SDK application.

Steam will automatically re-install all the necessary files.


I'm experiencing constant, strange problems not covered elsewhere in this FAQ.

First, you should use the resources listed in the Where can I go for more help? section.

If you still cannot solve your issue, you may wish to try re-installing the Source SDK, as described here.


How do I remove old games from my game configurations menu?

If you have created a MOD from the "Create a Mod" wizard, and would like to remove it from your game configurations menu:

1.       Load the Hammer Editor from the Source SDK Launcher.

2.       Choose Options from the Tools menu.

3.       Switch to the Game Configurations tab.

4.       Click the Edit button next to the Configuration: drop down list.

5.       For each configuration you wish to remove, select the configuration, then click the Remove button.

6.       Press OK to confirm your choices, and OK in the Options dialog.

7.       Close both Hammer and the Source SDK Launcher.

8.       Restart the Source SDK Launcher, and those configurations will be gone from the drop-down list.


How do I fix the "Cache Needs Repair" error?

This error occurs when certain game cache files have encountered an internal problem (usually after a crash while running a game).

To repair the cache file:

1.       Shutdown Steam by choosing Exit from the Steam task bar icon menu.

2.       Restart Steam.

3.       Run Half-Life 2.

4.       If the problem is not resolved, repeat these steps running Counter-Strike: Source.

Running these applications causes them to validate and repair any cache problems they may have.


Level Editing

My Hammer Configuration does not work correctly. What do I do?

If the Hammer Configuration is not working correctly, you can first try to reset the Source SDK Game Configuration.

If you are still unsuccessful, you can also reinstall the Source SDK.


How do I manually configure the Valve Hammer Editor?

The Hammer Editor should automatically be set up to edit levels for the Source Engine games you have installed.

For information on manually configuring the Hammer game configuration, refer to the Hammer Manual Configuration.


My multiplayer map isn't appearing in the multiplayer map list.

For a level to appear in the Half-Life 2 Deathmatch map list, it must have an info_player_deathmatch in it.

The info_player_deathmatch entity creates a player spawn point for multiplayer games. When a player spawns in a level (either because he is just entering the level, or he has just died and is respawning) his location will be picked randomly from all of the available info_player_deathmatch spawn points.

Its a good idea to include a large number of these spawn points to prevent predictable spawning.


How do I get back to having 4 views - the 3D, top, front, and side views?

Select Options from the Tools menu. Click on the General tab. Under Window Setup where it says Use independent window configurations, make sure there is not a check next to that option, then close and restart Hammer.


Hammer reports "leaked!" when I compile. How do I fix it?

For information on this, please refer to the tutorial entitled Leaks Explained.



What compiler do I need to build the SDK code?

The SDK is set up to be compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003 v7.1.


Can I use Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 with the SDK?

It is recommended that you upgrade to Visual C++ .NET 2003 v7.1 to build the SDK projects.  However, there is a tool to convert the VC++ v7.x solution and project files to VC++ v6.x projects and workspaces. It can be found at

You must install the Service Pack 5 update and Processor Pack update to properly compile the files:


When I use run_mod.bat, I can't run the game if my path has spaces

The most common cause for this error is having spaces in the MOD's game directory (i.e. c:\My Mod\). This problem will be resolved in a future update. Until then, it is recommended you alter your directories to exclude this formatting.


I ran "Create a Mod" and made a Half-Life 2 mod, but I'm missing certain Half-Life 2 entities in Hammer.

A known bug causes the "Create a Mod" wizard to set up Hammer to load base.fgd instead of halflife2.fgd. This issue will be resolved in a future SDK update.

To work around this problem:

1.       In Hammer, choose Options under the Tools menu.

2.       Select your mod's configuration in the Configurations combo box.

3.       Click the Remove button next to the Game Data Files list. This will remove the unwanted base.fgd file.

4.       Click the Add button next to the Game Data Files list and choose halflife2.fgd.


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